Thursday, December 13, 2012

The Passing of Time

It's been a year and two days since I last updated the blog! I never really set out to make much of it; more of a random act of boredom during the first few months of staying home to raise my daughter.  Lately though, I've had the inkling to start writing again. If only I can find the time!

I had always heard about how hard it is to raise a baby. Poor sleep, feedings, diapers, etc. I was surprised at how easily I handled the job.  Hey, this isn't so bad. Then my baby turned into a toddler and everything changed. There was so much more to deal with and I was really overwhelmed in her 3rd year.  The first two years were so exciting and enjoyable, while the last two have been filled with stress. Part of this is my lack of experience with children and the other half is having an over-active child. I'm finally getting a grip on things now as she approaches 5 and I've realized how my life was spiraling out of control and that I need to change a lot of things.

Now that life is regaining some sense of order, I can pour some of my creativity back into my own life. I've spent so much time taking care of other people and constantly worrying about everything that I forgot about myself for a while. I need to regain my own spark if I'm going to inspire my daughter!

So, what now? Aside from trying to get things back in order, I've been working on a rather large website project which, hopefully, will launch in a few months.  I've become involved on Twitter once again and may even start posting in the ol' blog here if I can find the time and energy.  t would be a good exercise for the mind since I've found my creativity being stifled by all the responsibilities I deal with on a daily basis.  No doubt an outlet will help regain my sanity!

Well, as usual, duty calls and I'm being rushed to finish. See you soon?  Let's hope so!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Hockey Fun: Don Cherry's Piano

Ran across this one on YouTube and can appreciate it since I've grown up with Don Cherry while watching the Red Wings over the years.

Don Cherry's Piano Desk:

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Impatient Dog Honks Car Horn

This is classic!  Detroit Councilman Charles Pugh posted this video to Twitter this morning.  An apparently impatient dog is honking the horn to get their owner out of the store!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Update of the month (or two)

Obviously there isn't a whole lot going on around here.  Planning some vacation time (woohoo!) and getting ready for some major Spring cleaning, which includes finishing the trim work on the living room paint job from last year.
I've fallen in love with my Kindle recently and have been reading some classics.  Currently I'm digesting Walden and so far I'm finding that much of what Thoreau is discussing moaning deliberating bitching bantering about is just as true today as when he had his little 'experiment' at the pond.  Yes, bantering.  I like that to describe his style :-)

Other recent classics on my book list?
Treasure Island: loved it
Adventures of Tom Sawyer: not sure what all the fuss is about
Adventures of Huck Finn: better than the first

In other news: Good Eats is fading to an end this season.  I'm debating what to do with my GE blog.  I'm not strictly an Alton Brown fan, more of a Good Eats the TV show fan; so what to do now?  Maybe a poll for all my readers soon.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Frustrated Snacker

I have a Snickers bar that I'd like to eat in peace,
Three days desire grows for this luscious little treat,
Always some disturbance deviates me from my snack,
A quiet moment for this feast sadly do I lack,
Prepare the wrapper to unravel,
Crinkles seem to psychic travel,
A toddler magically appears,
"May I have some please?"
No you can't, no you shant,
This is Daddy's and Daddy's alone,
Now I have to listen to my child whine and moan,
Back in the drawer to wait some more,
My little chocolate tease,
I still have a Snickers bar that I'd like to eat in peace.

Anyone who has been around kids will know what I mean :-)

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

First Steps on the Path

I often tune out the world and tune in to my headphones in search of inspiration.  This week I got a double dose as I was catching up on some posts by a fellow blogger during my 'musical mass' as I like to call it.  A song can not only offer something through lyrics, but can take you somewhere else entirely.  Any Beatles song can jog my mind to a certain place in time and bring back memories that may open a window for thought.

"Everyone dies.  But not everyone lives."

ponder that one for a second and think of what it means to you

For me it brought about a quick self assessment and 'yeah, I'm living.'  But then I really thought about it and scores of feelings that have been boiling in my gray matter over the past months came to the surface.  Well, no, I'm not really alive right now.  As my daughter has grown into a highly active and inquisitive toddler I've struggled to keep up with her constant need for knowledge/companionship/leadership/guidance/ and everything in between.  Being pulled in so many directions as a parent, along with all the other events life has thrown my way recently, has left me in a loop of floating from day to day.  When you forget about yourself and the little things that bring you joy, then you live mainly to serve purposes and the positive energy that starts your day off with a smile dissolves.  This topic has been forming in my thoughts and Stew's post launched it to the forefront along with other random events this past week.

One such trigger was a visit to my parents' place for a short vacation over the holidays.  They were displaced, as have many, from Michigan a few years ago and resettled in lovely Charleston, SC.  There's a sort of a, well, we'll call it a Catch-22 for lack of a better description.  They live in a great place, have a wonderful social life, lots of things to keep them occupied but there is an underlying paranoia wrapped around the fear of yet again losing their jobs and nearly obsessive worrying about money that is holding them back from living out their dreams.  The wife and I have always tried to maintain at least some sense of adventure no matter how broke we were at times, though seeing my parents in that state shocked me into realization that we, ourselves, could easily slide into a similar path of drudge if not aware.

I stumbled upon a few more signposts this week while catching up on reading.  The first was an article in some trash magazine the wife was reading.  She pointed out a story on Drew Carey and his weight loss/road to better health.  Turns out in my pile of material was the Parks & Rec winter issue with my earmark on the exercise programs.  I've become a sloth this past summer due to being overwhelmed in my parental duties.  I hit a rough patch and all but eliminated my long hikes on the trails.  I used to load my toddler in the backpack an hit the dirt, but somehow never managed to meld her independence and inquisitiveness with being able to move more than ten feet down a path.  It was a great learning experience as she poked through every little blade of grass, but I lost out on my only real physical activity and didn't work hard enough to replace that time.  So, here I sit with a nice guy perched on the waistband and aching hip joints.

So.  Now what?  How do I start living again?  Past experience has proven motivation will be hard to come by on its own.  Being forced into a schedule is likely what will be required.  Thus the reason I had the Parks & Rec guide handy.  I discovered back int he summer that they had not only a small and inexpensive gym, but also inexpensive child care to boot.  Obviously motivation never took hold.  Signing up for some sort of exercise program might just do the trick to get me on a regimen.  Because hey, with the wife working midnights 7 on/7 off and me working weekends, I have absolutely no structured schedule anymore.

I recognize there are aspects of my life which need to be rearranged and/or improved.  I am also starting to feel a strong desire to make these changes; not only for my own well being, but for my little nuclear family.  I'm not too worried about my daughter since every little thing we do is geared towards her happiness and always giving her the best little nudges forward as she grows.  However, I know the wife is also in a rut with me and my task will not be complete until she shares that positive energy and smiles on life with me.

All You Needs is Now...

Monday, January 3, 2011

Vacation Gone South

We just returned from the worst vacation ever.  Well, there was a little ray of sunshine; our daughter did get to spend some Christmas time with her grandparents and was happy.  As for myself, intestinal flu struck on the second day and it was all suffering from there on out.  A round of head colds for the whole family freeted us upon our return to cap things off properly.  I have to put a humorous spin on this whole mess just to keep my spirits up.

During the 15 hour drive home, including stopping at nearly every rest area, the wife and I decided to limit our road trips to a 300 mile radius for the time being.  This is all fine with me since I have been longing to return to my roots of traveling Michigan and all her natural beauty.  It's amazing how many trips I have taken 'Up North' and still can find so many hidden gems left unexplored.